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TMP Workshop

TMP Workshop is a group of courses offered by The Medical Prepper with the objective of teaching advanced life saving skills to anyone on any level with any background.  Courses offered in TMP Workshop include:

  • Wound Care – suturing, skin stapling, wound closure, infection containment and treatment
  • Core Trauma Training – trauma assessment, stabilization, and advanced interventions to prevent demise or decline
  • Abscess Care – incision and drainage of abscesses, packing, infection containment and treatment
  • IV Therapy – starting an IV, appropriate use of IV medications including fluids, IV site selection, discontinuing an IV

To learn more about TMP Workshop courses, subscribe to the site and then email me using the address you’ll be given.

Wound Care Workshop

Want to learn suturing, stapling, and wound care techniques?  Schedule a Wound Care Workshop with The Medical Prepper.  This extensive workshop is a four hour course with the utilization of a pig’s foot (very close to human skin), anesthesia tips, 4-0 nylon suture, a disposable stapler, and necessary instruments (which you may keep).  The instructor demonstrates each technique, observes attendees as they practice each skill, and guides each attendee while they practice.


From the workshop you will learn:

  • How to suture
  • How to staple
  • When to leave a wound open
  • When to close a wound
  • Open and closed wound care
  • How to identify infected wounds
  • Preparing the wound (and the patient) for closure
  • Simple interrupted suture technique
  • Running suture technique
  • Running locking suture technique
  • Horizontal mattress suture technique
  • Running horizontal mattress suture technique
  • Vertical mattress suture technique
  • Corner suture technique
  • Intra-cuticular suture technique
  • Running intra-cuticular suture technique
  • Alternate closure techniques

The workshop is taught by Patton Graham (aka, The Medical Prepper).  Patton has been an emergency department and acute care provider as a Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurse, and EMT for over 6 years.


Classes are taught in Tennessee and the cost is $150 per attendee and all materials and instruments are included.  Classes can be taught one-on-one, or in a group setting (the group rate is $120 per attendee and applies when there are 5 or more to a group).

If a group of 10 or more wants to schedule a course and they aren’t in Tennessee, I will travel to any of the states that touch Tennessee (Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia).

To register for a class and pick your own date and time, please complete the form below.  We will contact you to continue the scheduling process and make payment arrangements.

LEGAL NOTE: The Wound Care Workshop is for entertainment and educational purposes only.  What you learn at the Wound Care Workshop related to suturing, skin stapling, wound care and anything else should never be put into practice.  Practicing medicine without a license is illegal in the United States.  Always seek licensed medical care whenever possible.

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