About The Medical Prepper

The Medical Prepper is an outfitting and education company.  We have two objectives.

Objective 1: Provide medical education and training to any interested person within the context of a catastrophic event that might render normal medical systems unavailable or inaccessible.

Objective 2: Provide medical supplies to individuals, professionals, and corporations.  This is achieved through our medical supplies division.

We began in 2014 as an education company under the auspices of TMP Educational Imprints.  Since then, we have grown and consolidated all divisions under our corporation, TMP Health Inc.  We operate out of a few different states.


Jack Aarnsforth – Corporate Chair

Jack is a prepper and devotes much of his free time to his family.

William Thaler – Director of Operations

Bill joined up in 2015 and steers the TMP ship.

Tons of Other People

Nothing great happens without a team, and our team is one of the best.

Post Contributors

Patton Graham

Patton has been writing for The Medical Prepper for three years.  He is a post contributor and also wrote the book, The Medical Prepper Guidebook.  He is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner.  He practices in emergency departments and urgent care centers and has many years of experience as an emergency provider, primary care provider, and prepper.  He earned his B.S. in sociology.  A little later he became certified as an advanced EMT and served in that capacity while earning an associate’s degree in nursing.  During graduate school, he worked in a level 2 trauma center where he cut his teeth in emergency medicine.  Right out of graduate school he began working as an emergency nurse practitioner and has been doing so since.

Jason Hazard

Jason is a former contributor to the Washington Post and New York Times.  He is a prepper, and currently lives somewhere in Utah.  Jason is a big fan of the First, Second, Fourth, Tenth, Eleventh, Twelfth, Thirteenth, Nineteenth, Twenty-first, and Twenty-seventh Constitutional Amendments.  Jason enjoys spending his time preparing for off-grid scenarios and tinkering with solar panels.

Note of Caution: The authors on this website write to a specific audience – preppers.  We are proud to have the set of authors that we do, as well as write to our favorite audience.  From time-to-time, the authors and commenters on this website might give advice or make statements which could lead the reader to draw a conclusion that might lie somewhere outside of current laws and regulations.  All of the posts and comments on this website are written within the context of a catastrophe having occurred and not the current geopolitical, environmental, or legal atmosphere.  Where advice or direction or comments are given that deviate from the current atmosphere, we expressly state that neither the authors nor commenters, nor The Medical Prepper, condone the use of such advice or direction outside of a catastrophic atmosphere.  The practice of medicine without a license is illegal.