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General Liability Notice

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The information on this website is meant to be used only during times when improvisational, last-ditch efforts are all that is possible. When writing posts, the author assumes that if anyone uses the advice, the person will have no access to regular medical equipment or supplies and that the person will not have access to professional medical care.  Do not use any of the information contained on this website, or accessed through this website, when you can get care from a licensed medical professional.  Use the information on this site at your own risk. It is meant as a public service and represents the author’s personal knowledge and beliefs, not to replace your own additional research, common sense or instinct. Medical information changes rapidly, and the author cannot guarantee the accuracy or currency of the content.

Unlike prescription medications and care from doctors, much of this advice has not been tested in scientific studies. Some of it may be secondhand and drawn from folk remedies. It may not be foolproof. In addition, even if it works for most people (though the author makes no claims that it does), it may not be appropriate for everyone, such as infants, children, pregnant women, elderly people and people with certain diseases or disorders, or who are taking certain medications. Further, using this advice may not cause the desired results—including saving a life.

The Company and the authors of this website are not responsible for unsatisfactory results, including scarring; maiming; infection; death; and any diseases, injuries or other disorders that result from or are made worse by using information from this blog.  Comments from users of this website are solely the opinions of those users and are not endorsed by the Company.

The content throughout this website is meant to increase your knowledge of medical developments and knowledge. It cannot take the place of regular professional health care. Consult your healthcare provider about individual concerns.

Sales and Pricing Policy

The Company provides access to many different types of products to individuals, professionals, and corporations.  Discrimination because of any factor is expressly outside of the operational standards of the Company.  All consumers have equal access to the products and services made available through the Company, and no representation is made otherwise.  From time to time, the Company will increase or decrease retail item prices in the way of global prices changes, or through coupons and discount codes.  Historic price-matching is not possible and we, therefore, cannot alter a unit’s price once an order has been submitted.  Prices are subject to change without notice.

Insurance Claims Policy

The Company does not accept patient insurance or work with any insurance companies to fulfill prescription drugs.  The Company only works with medical professionals directly and does not handle any type of insurance.

State and Federal Regulations Policy

The customer is responsible for checking your state laws and regulations to be sure you are allowed to purchase medical supplies. Laws vary and change from state to state, so please contact your state health board to assure you are allowed to legally purchase the medical supplies you are in need of.

Shipping Policy

Orders are processed as quickly as possible, averaging 1-3 days and longer if orders are placed over weekends or holidays.  Shipping times average 1-2 weeks.  Shipping is standard via USPS, UPS, or FedEx and shipping times are based on regular ground shipment tables.

Returns Policy

Due to the nature of the items sold through this website, all orders shipped are unreturnable.

Unshipped orders may be refunded, however, a 20% restocking fee will be assessed and deducted from any refund amount.  Additionally, if any free products (digital or otherwise) were received as a result of the order, the value of those products will be deducted from any refund amount.