Emergency Departments – Necessary and Potentially Frustrating

Emergency departments are both necessary for life-threatening emergencies, and potentially frustrating for patients waiting a long time to be seen.

I work mainly in emergency medicine.  This puts me right in the middle of a busy emergency department every shift I work.  I have worked in a few different hospital emergency emergency departments and one thing is true for all of them: when it rains it pours.  Super busy, balls-to-the-wall days (as we call them) can really slow down the flow of patients through the department.

Whether we’re experiencing a “pour” or its a [don’t say that word that begins with Q but means silent] day, how much time patients spend waiting to be seen depends largely on the complexity of cases we’re working in the department.  It can be very frustrating for patients.  But, understanding how everything works together to save a life or improve the quality of someone’s life is important.  Watch this video to learn about why you might wait so long at the emergency department.

I think this video does a fantastic job of explaining the central problem of ED wait times.

I want you to consider for a moment, though, what would happen if this interconnected fluid dynamic of emergency health provision disappeared or wasn’t accessible.  What would you do in an emergency?

I recommend having MORE than a basic home first-aid kit.  You simply need more than these pre-fab multi-hundred piece kits where the majority of those hundreds of pieces are bandaids and alcohol swabs.  You need greater capability if/when a real catastrophe occurs and you can’t access your local emergency department.

Throughout TheMedicalPrepper.com, you will find helpful articles to read and digest, and first-aid items to stock your med-kit with.  Consider yourself, and consider your family, when putting your first-aid kit together.  Consider what your response strategy will be in a catastrophe like hurricane Katrina when relief was 14 days before arriving and people were really hurt.