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Question: How long does shipping take?
Answer: In the neighborhood of 1 to 2 weeks.  Shipping is standard via USPS, UPS, or FedEx and shipping times are based on regular ground shipment tables.

Question: Why don’t I have a tracking number yet?
Answer: The moment your order is placed it arrives in our order queue.  From there it is processed and relevant information is sent to our third party distributor (if applicable to your order).  When the third party distributor has provided us with a shipping tracking number, we will provide that number to you.  Orders placed on weekends, or after 4pm CST may encounter a 1 to 4 day delay in processing simply because we do not operate 24/7.  It is impossible to provide you with this number before this happens.  Some items are sent directly from us, while some items utilize the third party distribution system.  If your order contains both of these types of items, the first tracking number you see in PayPal will be from the portion we are sending directly to you via USPS.  We will follow that tracking number with your second tracking number using the time-table outlined above.

Question: Does The Medical Prepper provide prescriptions for the purchase of regulated medical supplies?
Answer: No.  The Medical Prepper provides you with the opportunity to purchase any of the medical supplies available through our website.  Prescriptions are not something you can purchase.  Well, given the current state of our medical community and culture in the U.S., maybe you can in some places; or given that you pay for an exam and diagnosis, could the prescription be considered something you purchased – perhaps.  But there is no patient-provider relationship present on this website and we do not vend prescriptions.  Medical supplies are available directly through us, or through our third party distributor.  It is incumbent on the buyer to determine whether he or she meets their local state requirements for the purchase of any item on this website.

Question: What is the quality of the medical supplies / items you sell?
Answer: New.  Sterile.  Boxed or bagged.  Hospital grade.  Just like you would pull off of the shelf.

Question: What does shipping cost for orders I place?
Answer: Flat rate shipping is $7.00.  IV Fluids are heavier, and therefore add $5.99 to shipping costs.  Most orders over $75 are eligible for FREE shipping, just be sure to click the little circle next to the FREE SHIPPING option in the cart.  However, any orders containing IV fluids are subject to the $12.99 shipping charge to cover shipping heavier items.

Question: Can I return items I purchase?
Answer: Due to the nature of the items sold through this website, all sales are final.

Question: Can I cancel an order before it has been shipped?
Answer: Yes.  However, a 20% restocking fee will be assessed and deducted from your refund amount.  Additionally, if you recieved any free products (digital or otherwise) as a result of your order, the value of those products will be deducted from your refund amount.